Call for Nominations – 2022 Award

To celebrate those who have made a substantial and sustained contribution to the development of the Internet in the RIPE NCC Services region, the Rob Blokzijl Foundation is pleased to invite nominations for the 2022 Rob Blokzijl Award.

Nominations are now open and the recipient of the award will be announced during RIPE 84 in May 2022.

Rob Blokzijl, Internet pioneer, founder and Chair of RIPE for 25 years, contributed consistently and generously to the development of the Internet in this region. In seeking nominations for this prestigious award, which was created to celebrate his contribution, the Award Committee are interested to receive nominations of those who have reflected his approach in either a technical or operational capacity.

The Award Committee are particularly interested to receive nominations of individuals who, in addition to their own contributions, have also supported and enabled others anywhere in the world. 

The Award Committee would like to encourage those making nominations to consider not only the community members in the later stages of their careers or who are widely known but also those who may have contributed greatly in the springtime of their career or discreetly for the greater good. 

Nomination and Selection Procedure

Self-nominations or nominations from a proposer will both be accepted.

Each nomination must include the following material:

  • The name and contact details of the nominee and those of the proposer (if different)
  • A statement of whether the nominee is aware that the nomination is being made
  • A statement, in as much detail as the proposer considers appropriate, setting out how the nominee meets the requirements for the award and a description of the proposer’s relationship to the nominee
  • A brief summary (no longer than 79 words) of the nominee’s contributions, suitable for the award document

A professional biography or curriculum vitae of the nominee can be added to the nomination, if available.

The committee will review all nominations and may seek clarifying information if needed in the process of the review.

For additional guidance, proposers can refer to the example nomination.

Members of the Award Committee and the Foundation Board must not be nominated.

Nominations must be submitted before 18 March 2022 at 23:59 UTC.
Nominations should be sent to the following email address: <>.