2022 Award

Gert Döring receives the 2022 Rob Blokzijl Award
Gert Döring (left) receives the 2022 Rob Blokzijl Award; on the right Falk von Bornstädt.

Gert Döring

On Thursday 19 May at RIPE 84 in Berlin, Gert Döring received the Rob Blokzijl Award for his long-standing contribution to the Address Policy Working Group and the RIPE community and for his work to promote IPv6.

The award honours the memory of Rob Blokzijl, the first Chair of RIPE. It recognises individuals who have made substantial technical and operational contributions to the development of the Internet in the RIPE NCC service region and supported or enabled others.

Since the beginning of his career, Gert has been sharing knowledge, connecting people, building consensus and helping others to contribute and succeed. He is a role model for working group chairs around the globe.

Together with the award, Gert receives EUR 10,000 from the Foundation, and has offered to donate part of this sum to buy a fibre optic splicer to help rebuild networks in Ukraine, with the Foundation making up the remainder.