Board Meeting #9 – 13.2.2023

13 February  2023 1400 -1440CET,

by teleconference



  • Falk v Bornstädt
  • Niall O’Reilly
  • Nigel Titley
  • Daniel Karrenberg

Report from the Award Committee Liaison

Falk reported that he had very positive feedback on the award and that he had thanked the award committee on behalf of the board. He reported that scheduling award committee meetings had been difficult and that the deliberations were very lengthy exceeding the time commitment of some members. Diversity  was discussed extensively.

Report from the Treasurer

Niall reported that the foundation currently has more than 20k Euros in the bank and that he considers it sufficient for the next award. He also reported that the RIPE NCC had expressed informally that it would consider providing additional funding should the foundation request it.

Niall noted that there are some formalities with the bank regarding potential US taxes that need to be completed and signed by all board members. He will follow this up with the RIPE NCC.

Next Award

After some discussion the board unanimously resolved that the next award will be made at the Autumn 2023 RIPE meeting. [RBF09-1]

The board unanimously resolved to appoint Falk  as the liaison to the 2023 award committee. [RBF09-2]

The board agreed to appoint no more than seven persons to the award committee.

The board also agreed to ask the award committee to emphasize the character of the award being for lifetime achievements for the benefit of the RIPE community and to award to a single idividual.

Falk will prepare a call for the award committee and publish it in the next few weeks. The board will meet during the spring RIPE meeting to select the award committee and announce it at the end of that RIPE meeting.

Niall will liaise with the RIPE Chair  for appropriate spaces in the agendas of the upcoming RIPE meetings for our announcements and the award ceremony.

Daniel will schedule a board meeting during the Spring RIPE Meeting to appoint the award committee.

Other Business

Daniel said that he will make ‘past awardees’ page on the foundation web site.