Board Meeting #8 – 16.5.2022

16 May 2022,

by teleconference & E-mail discussion



  • Nigel Titley, chair
  • Niall O’Reilly, treasurer
  • Falk von Bornstädt
  • Daniel Karrenberg, secretary

Report from the Secretary

Daniel reported that he had had the changes to the statutes decided by the board at the previous meeting notarized with some legally required amendments as circulated by e-mail earlier.

Upcoming Award

Falk reported that after lengthy deliberations the award committee selected Gert Döring to receive the award  and that the award would be made at the RIPE meeting the following week.

The board agreed with this excellent choice of the award committee and thanked the committee for their work.

Daniel reported that he had ordered a physical representation of the award to be delivered to the meeting venue.

Niall reported that Gert had asked the foundation to contribute 2000 Euro of his award money to the ‘Keep Ukraine Connected’ initiative. 

The board resolved unanimously to round up this contribution to 5000 Euro, representing the value of a cable splicer to be donated to an Ukrainian ISP by the initiative. [RBF08-01]