Board Meeting #7 – 25.10.2021

25 October 2021 – 1300-1320 UTC
By teleconference



  • Niall O’Reilly, treasurer
  • Nigel Titley, chair
  • Daniel Karrenberg, secretary

Note: Falk von Bornstaedt told the secretary later that he had trouble joining the teleconference.

The board agreed that the meeting had been convened properly and that there was a quorum.

Changes to the Articles

After consulting the RIPE NCC Executive board the board agreed to change the articles to no longer require that a board member is a member of the RIPE NCC executive board but rather a person designated by the RIPE NCC executive board.

The board resolved to change article 5 of the statutes as follows: replace ‘member of the RIPE NCC executive board’ by ‘person designated by the RIPE NCC executive board’ and delete ‘upon termination of the RIPE NCC Executive Board membership, if the member was appointed due to this RIPE NCC Executive Board membership’. [RBF07-1]

Note: The changes to the Dutch text are to replace ‘is lid van het RIPE NCC Bestuur’ by ‘is een persoon benoemd door het RIPE NCC bestuur’ and to delete ‘beëindiging van het lidmaatschap van het RIPE NCC Bestuur, indien het bestuurslid was benoemd vanwege diens lidmaatschap van het RIPE NCC Bestuur;’

Daniel said that he had asked the board if there were any suggestions for other changes to the articles and that he had received none.

Daniel said that he will get these changes registered properly.

The board agreed that with these changes Falk will continue to serve and thus for practical reasons no changes of the registration of board members with the Chamber of Commerce will be necessary.

Appointment Of 2021 Award Committee

After some discussion the board decided to appoint all persons who volunteered to be on the award committee in order to maximise the outreach and canvassing resources.

The board resolved that the 2021 award committee will consist of:

  • Anja Feldmann
  • Antonio Prado
  • Benno Overeinder
  • Carsten Schiefner
  • Eileen Gallagher
  • Elise Gerich
  • Jan Žorž
  • Joe Abley
  • Maria Isabel Gandia
  • Paul Hoogsteder
  • Randy Bush
  • Sander Steffann
  • Suzanne Woolf


Falk will inform the volunteers and ask them to draw up a call for nominations to be announced at the upcoming RIPE meeting.

Note: Falk confirmed after the meeting that he will act as the board liaison to the award committee as decided earlier.