Board Meeting #6 – 5.3.2021

5 March 2021 – 1230-1310 UTC
By teleconference



  • Falk von Bornstaedt, member
  • Niall O‚ÄôReilly, member
  • Nigel Titley, guest
  • Daniel Karrenberg, secretary

[Board: Daniel, Falk, Niall]

The board agreed that the meeting had been convened properly and that a quorum was present.

The board unanimously appointed Nigel Titley to the board effective immediately. [RBF06-1]

[Board now: Daniel, Falk, Niall, Nigel]

The board unanimously agreed that Nigel will serve as chair, Niall as treasurer and Daniel as secretary. [RBF06-2]

Daniel said that he would like to stop as secretary after the next award will have been made at the latest.

The board asked Daniel to send a letter requesting support from the RIPE NCC for the financial administration of the foundation as well as clerical support for website, publicity and the mechanics of presenting the awards.

The board decided to present the next award during RIPE 84, the spring meeting in 2022. [RBF06-3]

The board discussed the time line and mechanics: Falk will be the liaison with the awards committee; the board will make an announcement about the upcoming award at RIPE 82; the announcement will ask for suggestions on who should be on the award committee.

Daniel said he will ask the RIPE NCC to arrange that all board members will receive mail sent to the mail box.