Board Meeting #5 – 10.2.2021

10 February 2021 – 0900-0920 UTC
By teleconference



  • Hans Petter Holen, Chair
  • Nigel Titley, Treasurer
  • Daniel Karrenberg, Secretary

The board agreed that the meeting had been convened properly and that there was a quorum.

Hans Petter said that due to his move to the RIPE NCC, the pandemic and in consultation with Nigel and Daniel he had not called a meeting earlier.

Daniel noted that the board had approved the minutes of the previous meetings by e-mail and that they had been published on the foundation web site.

Nigel reported that he had received the formal financial statement for 2018 in August 2019 with no significant deviation from the report at the previous meeting. The foundation’s assets at the end of 2018 were €35.593, very slightly more than expected. Nigel then reported that he had also received the financial statement for 2019 from Gwen in December 2020 which only reflected banking costs of €67 bringing the assets to € 35.526. The board approved both reports.

He added that the RIPE NCC CFO suggested that the foundation take over the financial administration and bank accounts. Daniel said he understood this was in order to avoid questions from the NCC accountants and banks. Hans Petter said that the RIPE NCC would be happy to continue this support. The board decided to defer action on this to the new board.

Hans Petter reported that the RIPE NCC board had designated Falk von Bornstaedt to succeed Nigel.

Daniel reported that the RIPE Chair had designated Niall O’Reilly as a foundation board member.

The board unanimously appointed Falk von Bornstaedt to the board. [RBF05-1]

Daniel clarified that this means Falk will be seated after this meeting and Nigel will cease to be a board member at that time as per the statutes.

Hans Petter and Daniel thanked Nigel for his time and good work on the board.

The board unanimously appointed Niall O’Reilly to the board. [RBF05-2]

Hans Petter said that because Niall will be seated at the end of this meeting because he is no longer RIPE Chair he resigns from the board effective at the end of this meeting.

Nigel and Daniel thanked Hans Petter for his time and good work on the board.

Daniel stated that he will convene a meeting of the new board (Daniel, Falk & Niall) soon. He invited Nigel to attend this meeting as a guest for continuity purposes.

There being no other business Daniel read these minutes to the board and the board approved them.