Board Meeting #3 – 17.5.2018

17 May 2018
Marseille at RIPE76


Hans Petter Holen, Chair
Nigel Titley, Treasurer
Daniel Karrenberg, Secretary
Mirjam Kühne, RIPE NCC Staff Support

The board agreed that the meeting had been convened properly and that there was a quorum.

The board discussed the process that culminated in the first award presented to Wilfried Wöber the previous evening. The board expressed its thanks to the awards committee for their diligent work and Lynn Blokzijl for presenting the award. The board thanked Mirjam for her excellent support with the whole process.

Mirjam reported that support from the foundation to the Abha Ahuja Bursary was no longer necessary as other arrangements had been made.

Nigel reported that the assets of the foundation had received an initial donation of €25.000 from the RIPE NCC in 2017. The expenses in 2017 were notary and other set-up costs. The capital of the foundation at the beginning of the year was €21.771. He said that he expects expenses for this year to be on the order of €12k mainly for the award and associated costs. He added that the RIPE NCC had graciously agreed to donate another €25k this year.

The board concluded that the foundation’s capital was sound and sufficient for at least another two awards. The board then discussed future awards and agreed to aim for high quality, well chosen and well presented awards.

The board resolved to make no award in 2019 and aim for the next award to be presented at a RIPE meeting in 2020.