2023 Award

This Monday, November 25th 2023, Randy Bush was recognised with the Rob Blokzijl award. On behalf of the foundation Mirjam Kühne, the RIPE chair presented it to Randy.

Franziska Lichtblau and Jan Žorž expressed the appreciation of the community on behalf of the 2023 award committee. The committee wrote:

Since the beginning of his career in 1965 Randy has been sharing knowledge, connecting people and building consensus as well as helping others to contribute and succeed.


In particular, he has been and still instrumental in shaping the RIPE community as it stands today – without his interventions, the RIPE community would be different at least.

Very likely even poorer.

Calligraphy by Anne Schreurs

In his short acceptance speech Randy said “Rob is who I wanted to be if I grow up … or if I had to grow up.” He suggested that the next award committee look for deserving people who are both younger and add diversity to the set of people who have been recognised so far.

The recognition of Randy was enthusiastically received by those present at the meeting and the community at large.

A recoding of the ceremony can be found on the RIPE meeting web site.